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Brought to you from a location that has DIRECT FLIGHT access to Disney parks around the world!

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We have nothing to do with that ride, but we love it – except for the “laser disc” part, that won’t happen.

eye see you

And I know what you did last summer. I’m kidding. I don’t. I’ll be honest, I don’t want to either. But I hope you had fun.

Of all the podcasts on the internet, this is certainly one of them!

Bret, Listener


seriously, whats this all about

all about netcot

News & Stories

Interesting news and featured stories from around the company and parks world-wide.

Compare Van COntrast

Comparing attractions found in multiple parks or locations.

Special Guests

Unique guests you might not expect are fans just like you!

Top 7 Lists

Forget "must see's" - these lists are the real essentials you need for your next visit!

Featured Attractions

We look into interesting facts about all sorts of attractions - including some that might surprise you.

Fan First

Sure, we might make fun of stuff, but we're fans first and excited to share our thoughts with you.

People unaware of Netcot
Episodies available
Times van screws up per show
Listeners, including my mom

Production Meetings

At the core of the Netcot Podcast is our world-class production meetings. In our heads, they look exactly like this… people with nice suits, nice board rooms and a page with graphs on it. In reality, it’s more like a gong show of ideas that we later wonder why we moved forward with.

Latest Posts

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There are lots of places to get coffee in Disney…

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We would love it if we could charge for this.

Pricing Table

Dummy Plan

Billed per Year

Includes “Everyone” Plan, plus:
– Photo of Van on Instagram
– Emailed list of places Van likes to eat
– List of best bathrooms in WDW
– Drama available at additional charge.

"Everyone" Plan

Billed per Year

All episodes
Free downloads
No tech support
No worries
No drama
No crap.

Idiot Plan

Billed per Year

Includes “Dummy” Plan, plus:
– Signed photo of Van
– Meet-n-Greet with Van (if he’s at a park when you are)
– Van will sign any Netcot T-shirt you buy!

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representative photos only - not the real team

Our Team


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Is she stoned or what


Manbun McGee

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