Netcot is back? Yes, for sure. Well, sort of.

the interNET Community Of Tomorrow

Netcot is making a comeback

It’s true. A whole new show is in the works. We’re working hard and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Top 7

Yeah, we miss them too. They’re back and with all new topics!


We’re going to have an app that allows you to interact with us! No, that’s not true, but it sounds fun, right?

I see you

… and I know what you did last summer.

If no one else did a Top 7 of the best places to make out, who would have? Yeah, that's right: no one.


Positive Reviews
Cups of Coffee
outtakes per episode
Active subscribers.
(Thanks, mom)


We’re committed to having all our studio team meetings with at least one hipster and always shot in black and white because it looks so much cooler.

Posts will go here

(These are just the ones that came with the template.)

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Leverage commercial frameworks to provide availability robust synopsis for trend…

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Pricing for the many, not the few

Pricing Table

Basic Plan

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Audio Only

Pro Plan

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1 Hour Free Trial
All Features Included
Premium Support
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Ultimate Plan

Billed per Year

Visit from Van
Free Cake
Ride 1 Ride with Van (Not Nemo)
Commemorative Pencil

Video in the Background

Ugh, is this template over yet?


Late Session

Fashion Shoot

Morning View

On Valley

Classic Watch

With Brown Stripe

Flowers Day

One and only

Latest Trip

Exotic Beauty

Fashion Time

with the star

(People may not represent actual team members)

The "Eh" Team

Hat Guy


Bolo ties 95%
Eyes open in photos 75%

Bad Hair

Stole Tony Stark's Sunglasses

Fake eyebrows 100%
Forger her password 89%


Don't tell him those sunglasses are dumb

Lunches he didn't pay for 93%
Jumping 45%

Contact Us

Actually, no, don’t. We prefer you just come back to this site from time to time to see what’s going on. When we replace the template with something official, this will be more fun. Don’t send a message using the thing to the right, we won’t even read it.

I'd rather be at:

33 Royal Street
Anaheim CA

Vacuum Museum

3 Indusrtrial Dr
St. James, MO 65559
(This was a thing! But they are closed now because YOU didn’t go there – nice work, jerk!)

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